Monday, April 30, 2012

MMMH: Long Overdue Color Blocking

color blocking essential

Sorry for the late post today!
Mr. Wonderful and I spent this past weekend with my family and it's throwing me off a bit.

it was such a good time. :)

The whole reason for the visit was because my mom wanted a family picture.
The planning of it went something like this:
Mom: I've been thinking about maybe talking to everyone to see if we could have a family portrait done.  What do you think?
Me:  Okay, sure.  When were you thinking?
Mom:  Hmmm... I don't know.  Maybe in a month or so?
Me:  That sounds good.  Just let me know and we'll try to be there.
2 minutes later...
Mom:  The picture is going to be two weeks from today at 3pm!  Tell Mr. Wonderful he has to take off work!
Me:  Um, okay... I'll let him know, but I can't guarantee he'll be able to.
Mom (who has suddenly adopted The Hulk's voice):  He HAS to take off work.  Two weeks from today.  3pm.  You WILL be there.  (and now back to regular sweet mom voice) EEE!  I'm so excited!!!

Lemme 'splain.
We hadn't had a family picture taken since I was in junior high... 
and I'm 26 now.
 My brother, who lives out in D.C., also came back for it.
 It was the first time he's been home in two years.
Needless to say, we were all thinking my mom would definitely want us to somehow color coordinate.  I mean, this picture was sorta kinda a HUGE deal right??!!


She just wanted the memory of us all together.
'Cuz she's amazing like that. :)

What's weird though, without planning anything, we all actually ended up color coordinating anyway.  LOVE my family. :)

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  1. What a fun development! Anxious to see the result.


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