Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrift Tip Thursday: "CHECK" Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

"Yeah, I don't think the shirt is supposed to fit like that.  Pretty sure Mr. Gadget must have worn that last."

Don't become the subject of this thrifting-gone-bad conversation.

Always CHECK yourself before you wreck yourself.

C.are Instructions
-Always check the care instructions on a garment before you buy it.  If you're not willing to do what it says, pass it up.  In my case, no matter how cheap the price, I'm positive I'm not going to wanna to shell out the extra dough necessary to have something dry cleaned so I pass.

-I know what you're thinking.  "Duh Amy."  But holes can be tricky lil' buggers - especially the small ones, so keep a watchful eye.

E.rror(s) in Seaming
-Unless you're looking at something that's deliberately high/low style, most items should have the same length in the front as they do in the back.  If it doesn't fit properly in the store, odds are it won't at home either... no matter how many times you iron it.

-Always do a once over to check for stains, fading, makeup smudges, etc.  If you're unsure, hold it up to the light to get a better look.

K.ind of material
-This step is part personal preference, part quality check.  You want to make sure it won't pill or unravel or wrinkle too easily.  Basically, just ask yourself, will that fabric work for my lifestyle?  If the answer is yes, then awesome, you just scored a new top, dress, skirt, etc.!  But if the answer if no, then pass.  But it's only $3 you say!?  Don't care, you won't wear it so it'll be a waste of $3.

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