Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrift Tip Thursday

Be Prepared:
5 Items to Put in Your Thrift Kit

See?  Even though I'm a girl I know the motto.
I was a boyscout once... well sort of. 
My dad was a troop leader when my bother was in scouts and I actually just got to participate on occasion...

BUT I did earn a badge (earned? given out of pity? Eh, makes no difference) so that makes it official right??

Either way, the same rule applies to thrifting.
And I prepare by bringing my handy dandy thrift kit anytime I go.

1. A list of items you're on the lookout for.
 Think of it as your grocery list of clothes.  The first time you go can be overwhelming and having a list can help narrow down your search.  A word of caution though: you can't go in expecting to come out with everything on your list.  Sometimes thrifting takes patience.  Some days you'll find armfuls, others you walk out with nadda.  That's okay, just keep the list with you for direction and you'll be sure to cross it off soon.

2. A pair of booties.
I'm not talking about you and your friends' groovin' to "Ms. New Booty" around the store... although I'm preaching to the choir 'cuz I've been known to shake it to The Jackson's "Blame It On The Boogie" while shopping on occasion. :)
I mean those little pantyhose booties they have at most shoe stores.   I can never seem to find a trash can at the store, so they usually just end up at the bottom of my purse - which works out well because most thrift stores don't have booties available if you're interested in trying on shoes. 
3. A belt.
I am an intense wear-er of skirts and dresses with belts, so I tend to stash one of my elastic waist belts in my purse for when I'm in the dressing room.  The belts easily help me determine if fabric will bunch up, if the belt won't stay in the correct spot, or if a belt is not the right style for the skirt/dress.  
4. A rewards card.
Interestingly enough, there are quite a few thrift stores with rewards programs be it student discounts, senior discounts, colored tag discounts, or actual rewards cards.  Last week, I received $2 off my purchase because of the reward points I had racked up making my $8 purchase of 2 shirts, a skirt and a pair of shoes that much more of a steal.  Check with the cashiers about possible rewards, sign-up and then keep the card with you.

And finally,  
5. A positive attitude.
Obviously, this won't fit in a nice compact container, but you should still pack it.  Thrifting is all about the hunt and unfortunately, sometimes pieces elude you.  If you don't find the item right away, think in terms of Barney Stinson and make it a "Challenge accepted".  It'll make that moment when you do find it all the sweeter.

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